Overview of Bega Eco Neighbourhood Developers Inc.

Bega Eco-Neighbourhood Developers is a non-profit Incorporated Association that formed in December 2002. Its aim is to purchase land and develop a working ecologically and socially sustainable urban housing neighbourhood that will allow for a diverse socio-economic community.
The stated objectives of the not-for-profit developer, BEND, are:

  • To purchase land for housing, agricultural and other uses;
  • To ensure that these buildings and activities are ecologically and socially sustainable;
  • To encourage the development of a socially and economically inclusive neighbourhood;
  • To work together with other groups in attaining these objectives; and
  • To support the formation of a community (or residents) association which will maintain these objectives.

BEND is a coalition of (extra)ordinary people who are working towards these goals. Broadly, the project involves buying a suitable block; offering part of it to the adjacent Rudolf Steiner school to provide playing fields and scope for expansion; obtaining council approval for a subdivision under Community Title; implementing all infrastructure works needed; selling 21 freehold blocks for public and privately owned residential housing; and creating a Management Statement that ensures that the Neighbourhood accords with BEND's aims. BEND has been conducting landcare and environmental improvements to the site, and will hand over an overseeing role to a Neighbourhood Association once a proportion of blocks are sold.

A unique aspect of the project is that while the development site is in a rural setting, with food production and nature conservation integral and important priorities in the design, it is on the edge of the regional centre of the NSW south coast, Bega.

BEND's objectives have now been achieved - to find out more, click on the relevant link.