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Many Meetings Later...

BEND membership over the years has ranged from 60 to over 100 people, bringing various skills and passions to the project. None, however, was a property developer!

BEND adopted a project-team approach to manage the extensive planning, information gathering and work required. A galaxy of teams report to the Project Coordination Team (PCT), with all teams circulating formal minutes and discussion via a membership email list.

Tasks undertaken in the development include the following:

* The Feasibility Study Team submitted its findings
* The Finance and Legal Teams have arranged loans and bought the land
* The Design Team completed the design for residential site layout and infrastructure
* Neighbourhood House designs have been created and budgeted for in the construction phase of the development
* The Community Liaison Team liaises with neighbours and has organised information presentations to Bega Valley Shire Council and to the public. This Team has also liaised with the Local Aboriginal Land Council about the prospect of including Aboriginal housing as part of the development
* The 'Not for Profit Rental Housing' Team is working towards establishing relatively low-cost rental accommodation
* The Management Statement Team has prepared the legal document that ensures that the future residents association will appropriately manage the neighbourhood and its infrastructure
* The Agricultural/Conservation Land Team has prepared an ownership and management plan for agricultural and conservation parts of the BEND site and commenced an important conservation and rehabilitation project on the anabranch, adjoining a similar project being undertaken by the Bega Valley Shire Council.
* The innovations in our vision for housing at BEND including all water harvesting (even for firefighting) and disposal onsite have lifted the benchmarks of residential development, and we hope that the Neighbourhood can serve as an exemplar of best practice and pave the way for other low-impact developments. As stipulated by our Management Statement, all buildings will have covenants regarding waste disposal; water and power collection and usage; passive solar design; and sustainable building materials. To help disseminate its 'tread lightly' philosophy, BEND is already running formal workshops on various aspects of sustainable living (see Workshops and Education).
* Final engineering construction drawings have been completed and reviewed, detailing the infrastructure works that commenced in November 2007. BEND sought quotes for this work from contractors we felt could be sympathetic with our environmental aims and standards.

BEND members start the first phase of the siteworks  salvaging an existing shed  in November 2007.
BEND members start the first phase of the siteworks salvaging an existing shed in November 2007.
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