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What Is BEND?

Bega Eco-Neighbourhood Developers Inc. is a not-for-profit Incorporated Association that formed in December 2002. It aimed to purchase a particular site on which to develop a working ecologically and socially sustainable urban housing neighbourhood where people of diverse socio-economic status can flourish.

This is essentially complete, with a series of Lots in the eco-subdivision passing into the ownership of future residents in March and April 2009. Much has been done and achieved - explore the relevant tabs above to see how our various project teams and objectives progressed.

Last Block

The sale of the last original building lot was finalised in October 2009. BEND is gratified that demand for this block was so high, proving that people want to build and live more thoughtfully. For those who could not buy a block, we hope that information shared via our resources page may make a similar development elsewhere more likely. See below for an opportunity to buy from a current owner. Some blocks have dual occupancy rights with the buyer intending to only use half - if you'd like to take the opportunity to help design and build on a shared lot, or even buy a brand-new house on half a Lot, the Bend Neighbourhood Association can put you in touch with the relevant owners: email your enquiry to (bendNA(at) 

Other Projects

With the Bend Eco-Neighbourhood now a reality, Bega Eco-Neighbourhood Developers have carried through their aims and objectives and has all but wound up as an organisation. 
We are pleased to see other similar or similarly motivated projects emerging in other parts of Australia, and wish them well. For an example of one taking those fraught but well-guided early steps, learn about the Narara Ecovillage (Sydney Coastal Ecovillage) at 

Please note this website is to become an online archival element of the Bend neighbourhood website, which is currently being developed. Therefore it is seldom being updated.

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